Thursday, June 4, 2009

Obtaining marijuana and more...

One of the hardest things that I have found about using Marijuana as medicine is actually obtaining it. On average it costs about $50 for 1/8 of an ounce. This typically lasts only a couple days, depending on whether they are good days or bad, and if I am sharing or not. And insurance definitely does not cover it in the slightest bit.

After it runs out, the pain gradually worsens until I have obtained more. After so many days of not having medicine and just pushing through the pain, I find myself immobile again. With the pain and inability to live, comes irritiability and frustration. Especially when the people in my life are wanting me to act how I act when I am medicated.

When I do run out, then comes the hunt. Who has it? What kind is it? How much? How long til we can get it? And of course the stress that comes with whether or not this "drug dealer" is screwing us, the potential of the "drug deal" going bad and becoming dangerous, whether or not this kind will work as well as I need it to, and not to forget about transporting an illegal substance, especially if I have my child in the vehicle.

Most doctors I have been to have told me that in order for a medication to work properly the levels in my blood need to be continuous. Which is why they specify how much and how often to take the drug, and to avoid missing a dose. This is extremely difficult to do with Cannabis, especially in a non-medical Marijuana state. The ability to grow my own would be wonderful... that is if I have and can even utilize a green thumb.

Even the ability to go to a Compassion Club like in California would be useful. To purchase exactly what I want for the same price as the streets. I'd still be worrying about the cost, but I wouldn't have to be hunting it down, worrying about what kind it is and if its the kind that works the best. And the money I spend could be put back in the economy, where it needs to be, helping our community grow and thrive.... not on the streets, possibly supporting gangs, and violence, and the availability of more dangerous drugs.

What a great day it will be, when I can go to my doctor, get a prescription, and then go to the pharmacy where medicine belongs. And I would definitely prefer a pill to smoking.

I don't understand why our major pharmacutical companies haven't jumped all over this. The flowers of the Cannabis plant hold the potential for many medicines to treat many different illnesses. And with what they already charge for medications, and the demand for medicines made from Cannabis, they stand to make major bank off of utilizing it.

I read and hear constantly that people worry about the abuse and addiction aspects of marijuana, and that preventing that is a major concern.

Something I read in Jack Herer's "The Emporer Wears No Clothes" helps explain my thoughts very accurately.

In 1937, when the United States Secretary of the Treasury introduced the bill to tax Marijuana, Dr. William C. Woodward testified as representation of the American Medical Association.

During the testimony he stated, "You may absolutely forbid the use of Cannabis by any physician, disposition of Cannabis by any pharmacist in the country, and you would not have touched your Cannabis addiction as it stands today, because there is no relation between it and the practice of medicine or pharmacy. It is entirely outside of these two branches."

Everything can be abused. Anyone can be addicted to anything. Drugs, food, sex, TV and video games.... you name it. But just because something can be abused or a person can become addicted to it, doesn't mean that we should prevent those who need it from obtaining it safely and effectively.

People abuse and are addicted to opiate based narcotics at a steadily growing rate. It is one of the main concerns of our Drug Enforcement Agency. Yet, it is still easily obtained through prescription.

People abuse and are addicted to alcohol and cigarettes, and they are among the top causes of deaths in our country. You can obtain it at the convient store on the corner, and it's revenue helps our schools and communities.

Marijuana has been used medically for thousand of years. It helps with things like Alzheimer's, Dementia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Glaucoma, Aids, Cancer, Chronic Pain, Schizophrenia, Cystic Fibrosis, Colic, ADHD, Tremors, Depression, Arthritis, and more. It is the biggest cash crop in the state of California, and potentially the country.

Yet, I still have to risk life and freedom to obtain the only medicine on this planet that really truly works....

The only explanation I see is that those in charge don't care about me, or my suffering. They don't want to help heal the sick, or cure diseases... they just want to treat the symptoms, and apparently create more with all the horrible side-effects. That's where the real money is...

It really is just sad.

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