Monday, July 6, 2009

Medical Marijuana Survivior Tips


With every medicine there is a magic dose that is unique to each person in order to acquire the desired effects. I have noticed that doctors will spend quite a bit of time using trial and error until this dose is found. With Cannabis, sometimes it is not possible to determine this dose because of financial issues that come with procuring enough medicine to work with.

In this case, learn to conserve. Although it is not the desired amount, some herb is better than no herb. Learn the lowest dose possible that you can take each time you need to medicate and still have the ability to function... Even if it's not complete relief. Then spread your bag out as long as possible.

The pill containers that measure out by day/week are very useful. Make sure you use one that has no holes and seals completely, unless you like your herb dry. You could even use glue to seal them if you cannot find one without holes.



As soon as you get a new bag, select a small amount from it (a nug or two) and hide it from yourself. Find several different hiding places, ones that you can forget but will be easy to remember when that critical moment hits and you realize that your bag has run out. Make sure your hiding spots are secure enough to keep the medicine out of the hands of curious children and snoopy adults. Find a place you will remember and will still keep your herb safe until you come to find it again.

Doing this helps you conserve more as your bag gets smaller, as well as give you that last little bit of relief until you can find a new bag. Or you are desperate enough to move on to some of the previously mentioned tips.

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