Monday, March 8, 2010

Medical Marijuana Survivior Tips


TIP #5:

Something I've noticed about those who smoke Marijuana as medicine is that as they sit and smoke, they will keep smoking until intoxication sets in and they are "high."

I, personally, really do not like to get high. Yeah, maybe once in awhile, if I'm with friends and they are drinking, but it is really not fun to be intoxicated all the time. I learned that through my dealing with the pain pills, and unfortunately with those there really is not a way to avoid intoxication.

When it comes to Cannabis, intoxication is not always necessary to achieve the desired results. I have learned how to avoid it pretty effectively. A lot of the time Cannabis has a creeper effect so I just follow these steps:

Step #1: Load small bowls and take small hits only a couple at a time.

Step #2: Wait about 5-10 minutes between doses. If there is still a need for more, repeat step one until you have achieved the desired effect.

Step #3: If intoxication sets in, eat something.

I have found that this not only helps to avoid extreme intoxication, but it helps preserve my herb as well.

It also helps to learn that magical dose that is needed to achieve the relief I am wanting. At least for one type of Cannabis.

If only it were the same dose with every strain...

TIP #6: Scrounge for Flakes

I know it sounds pathetic and desperate, like a tobacco smoker picking cigarettes out of an ashtray, but I promise you it is well worth it.

Go back to all the hiding places from when you "lost your herb" (tip #4)and see if there are any flakes hiding anywhere. Pick the flakes up by pressing the tips of your fingers on each flake and pulling them up. Usually, they will stick to your fingers. If it isn't working, very slightly moisten your fingertips.

If you have enough hiding places, you might get a small pile of shake. This can be great on it's own or can help give the "ass" end of the bowl that you've been saving (tip #1) a little boost.

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