Thursday, June 17, 2010

Marijuana & Kids

Over Mother's Day weekend, my organization Moms for Marijuana, was featured on the NORML Women's Alliance website. I was also quoted in an article by the Associated Press and Moms for Marijuana was mentioned, along with the newly formed Women's Marijuana Movement. I've been following the press regarding this and I am overwhelmed by the support.

But I've got to say... there are some people out there who are just not getting the point. There were several sites and news outlets that suggested we meant to go smoke weed with your mom for Mother's Day. There were even some that took Moms for Marijuana's belief statement to mean go do drugs with your kids.

 It is obvious that some are just trying too hard to read into something that IS JUST NOT THERE.

No where did anyone say that we advocated or encourage drug use by children. No where did I say that I am going to give my kids drugs. It is, in fact, the opposite. I, just as any other mother, want my kids to grow up happy, healthy, and drug free.

THE POINT is that abstinence from drugs does not come from lies and deceit. It comes from education and discussion. I want my children to know about the drugs that are out there, so they can make the right decisions when the time comes. I want my children to understand the real dangers of Marijuana abuse. Not the fabricated ones.

And should my kids get sick, just as I am or worse... I want my children to have the option of legally and safely obtaining a less harmful and more effective medicine than the ones currently available.

Most importantly, I want my children to understand the need for open discussion, critical thinking, and educated debate. There are always multiple sides to each story, and when it comes to the Cannabis plant, the drug found in the pretty flowers is just the  beginning...

 The reason I am in such strong support of the Cannabis plant has very little to do drugs or drug use. The reason Moms for Marijuana was started was the help educate the public and create discussion regarding this renewable, sustainable and versatile resource.

The point is that we really need to discuss this plant. Everything about it. We need to evaluate the research that has been done, determine what information is accurate, and finally complete the research that every one keeps saying is needed. Then we need to have adequate discussion and make educated decisions that are in the best interested for all living things on this planet.

Perhaps we could avoid this issue if people actually took the time to educate themselves and fully understand what is being said...  prior to opening their mouths.

My kids are going to grow up with the knowledge of one of the most valuable resources on this planet. They will know the many benefits of Cannabis. As well as the risks of Marijuana abuse.

Dare to tell your kids the truth too.

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  1. thanks mama
    me too
    and all that other stuff

    it sucks to be villified over MJ
    when it helps so many with so much