Monday, October 4, 2010

Cancer: No Time to Wait

I found out recently that my birth mother's cancer has spread from her lungs, lymph nodes, and breasts to her brain, spine and arms. She's moved from chemotherapy to radiation and she is entering into a hospice care facility soon. She asked that I visit her, and I told her that I could have money to help pay for a ticket in December. She said that she probably wouldn't be here in December.

My first personal experience with cancer was when I found out a boy that I went to elementary school with had died of cancer. It made Cancer, this mysterious killer I always heard about, a little more real. Many years later I had a pen pal who had cancer in his legs. He had it removed through surgery but he always had constant fears and dreams that it would return.

Then this silent murderer started paying its visits very close to home, and became very real. My mother in law passed away 6 months after learning that she had lung cancer. She had been misdiagnosed for years as having chronic bronchitis and chronic pain from car accidents. My aunt battled breast cancer for years and years before she finally lost her fight with cancer in July of this year.

Now, my own mother. My own flesh and blood.

And what pains my heart the most is that I know the cure. I know that the Cannabis plant could save or at least give these people that I love a better of quality of life in the end.

I have asked my birth mother many times to try Cannabis as medicine. At the very least, to alleviate her nausea and lessen her pain. Her objection has always been that it is illegal. When she called to tell me that the cancer had spread, her objections had changed from concern for the legalities to the fact that she is forty six years old, living in poverty, can no longer walk, can barely talk, and wouldn't have the slightest idea of where to find any or how she would afford to buy it.

Cancer has always been portrayed as that one killer whose cure continuously eludes us. For my entire life I have heard that they are searching for a cure. People have been running for a cure. Many consistently donate to find a cure. Each day millions of people pray for a cure. For themselves or for their loved ones. Little do these people know... the miraculous flower that holds the cure for cancer is sitting in thousands of evidence lockers around the country. Just sitting there. Waiting to ruin somebody's life instead of save it.

How many more people have to die before they finally allow the cure to be available? How many more parents have to watch their children suffer? How many more children have to lose their mothers before they will give us back what is rightfully ours.

It's time to demand that they release the cure for cancer.

I find it so difficult to deal with my illness during times of change and loss. Stress definitely makes my condition worse. Right now it seems that I am losing many of the people that I love. My school work has piled up and I am now home schooling my youngest son because of the elementary schools in my area cut bus routes. I have housework, as well as having to repack and move again. And a million and one things to do to help raise awareness and promote education. My only solace is that Cannabis will get me through each day.

Until my stash runs out again, that is.

So I wait for the day when I will finally be able to go into a store with a doctor's note and just like every other sick person in this country, safely and  legally purchase my medicine. 

If only my mother could do it now. 
She doesn't have time to wait.

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