Friday, February 11, 2011

My Home & Medical Marijuana

After growing up in Idaho, it was like crawling out from under a rock to learn the truth about Cannabis and Medical Marijuana. It took some time, and a move out of state, for me to connect with the like minded individuals who were ready to come out of the shadows to spread awareness about Medical Marijuana in Idaho.

When we approached many of the main Marijuana Reform organizations for help in Idaho, we heard a lot of negativity and pessimistic thoughts about how Idaho is too conservative to try to change anything just yet. We were told to try again in ten years.

Many of us felt that there are too many people here in Idaho, that would benefit greatly from legal access to Medical Marijuana, for us to back down. We felt that Idahoans do have the empathy and the heart necessary when it comes to making the decision to help out our neighbors by legalizing Medical Marijuana.

The substantial amount of support that we have received over the last few years of activism in the Gem State has shown us that we were correct to believe in the compassion of our neighbors. Now, the Boise State University Public Policy Survey strengthens our belief and our resolve.

I'm very encouraged by the wonderful people who are standing up for Cannabis in Idaho. There are numerous groups that have sprung up around the state, including Idaho NORML, our Idaho Moms for Marijuana chapter, Compassionate Idaho, Legalize Hemp in Idaho, Idahoans for Medical Marijuana, and even the Southern Idaho TeaPot Party.

Whether it is through Rep. Tom Trail's "Idaho Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act", or through Compassionate Idaho's "Idaho Medical Choice Act", it is only a matter of time before Idahoans have a new alternative to traditional pharmaceutical medications.


  1. As a recent victim of Idaho's anti-medical marijuana laws, I applaud any attempt you make to help legalize medical marijuana in Idaho. Excellent post, I'm signing up to follow. I am fighting for my rights. Thank you for doing the same thing!

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