Sunday, October 14, 2018

Cannabis holds the Cure

8 years ago today, I lost my birth mom, Dawn, to what started as Stage IV breast cancer. She was only 46 years old.
Several years before, I had learned that numerous scientists around the world had discovered that the compound - Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), found in Marijuana, causes apoptosis of cancerous cells. THC injected into cancerous cells cuts off the crucial blood supply, forcing cancer cells to die; but leaving healthy cells alive.
Time after time, study after study, and story after story - Cannabis continues to show the potential promise of a cure.
The only reason my birth mom never tried Cannabis, despite my repeated attempts to convince her when she was diagnosed, was because it was illegal where she lived on the East Coast. 

By the time she was willing to try it, despite the law, she had already undergone 6 months of chemo and radiation, and was headed to hospice. She was gone within weeks.
2 years later, the state of Massachusetts legalized the medical use of Marijuana, an act which could have had the potential to save her life - had it happened much sooner. 
She didn't have time to wait for the laws to catch up to science and logic. 
She didn't have time to wait for common sense to catch up to compassion. 

And there are many mothers in the world, just like mine, who just don't have time to wait for their government to change the law.

Learn more by watching the documentary - 

What if Cannabis does Cure Cancer?
Imagine what kind of world that could be...
A world without motherless daughters, like me.

RIP Dawn 🌹 I miss you everyday.
(May 15, 1964 - Oct. 14, 2010)




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